Saturday, May 20, 2006

Intro To Cheeto

Sorry for my long Blogcrastination, it has been a busy few weeks! Amanda graduated and we got a new kitty cat, have to keep up with the Malady's! Her name is Cheeto, she will turn one in August. We got her from a friend of a friend who couldn't keep her any longer. She and Twink get along okay now, the first few days were not so pleasent. Cheeto and Twink, those two names make us sound like a couple of potheads who have the muchies all the time, dude, lets go to the store for some cheetos and twinkies! Oh well! We love her, maybe she will keep her 11 year old sister young for a while!


Allison said...

ohhhh, cute kitty! Our new kitty escaped last night and spent the night outside. She was waiting on the deck when we got up this morning. She sucks.

Lori A said...

Love your blog - now I can keep up with you more often.
Cute kitty too. Wish I wasn't so allergic.