Tuesday, May 02, 2006

" 'A'is for Angry which is what you are at me....

'A' is for adult which is what I'll never be, 'A' is for applesauce my favorite meal, 'A' is for Adam which is how I sometimes feel, like I'm the only man on Earth and I've forgotten what that's worth." ~Barenaked Ladies "A"

Accent: dominant accent is Southern, but I have a hint of Mon Valley (Western PA) from my mother. Somewhere in Australia I picked up the line "no worries."

Booze: I love beer, it is liquid bread. I like strange micro brews, I like most beers, my favorites are golden pilsners and amber beers. I also enjoy wheat and pale ale beers as long as they aren't to hoppy. I like any liquor mixed with Coke. Jack & Coke, Crown & Coke, Coke & Coke.

Chore I Hate: I hate to put away laundry, though doing it has never bothered me. I hate cleaning windows and cleaning bathrooms, I really hate cleaning bathrooms, mainly toilets, it is my stuff but still grose!!!

Dog or Cat: Yes please! We have one cat named Twink, her full name per Amanda is Twinkle Toes, bleack cat, white paws, I call her Dr. Twink M. Toezums, MD. She is the "Cousy of Cats"

Essential Electronics: Radio, I love music and talk radio, I am going to get Sirius whenever I get a car to put it in.

Favorite Cologne: I am currently wearing Perry (Ellis) Man, but Amanda isn't so hot about it. My next bottle will be LaCoste Essential, yummy. My favorites of the past are Aqua Di Gio (my absolute fav, but reminds me too much of the Meredith era) and Leau Par Kenzo, which smells good but only lasted about 3 hours.

Gold or Silver: Silver, I never liked brass or gold, yellow hues do nothing for me. Silver just seems so clean, plus a car guy has to love Chrome, a silver ish finish.

Hometown: I claim two. Elizabeth PA, my mother's home town is where I claim my frame of mind, my views on politics, and my disassociation with the South. Mint Hill, NC, when I am claiming my roots, keepin' it real(whatever it is) and when my southern cred comes in to question. Like many other parts of my life, I play both sides hoping to win.

Insomnia: I used to get it really bad in the summers when I didn't have a schedule. I would stay awake for about 30 hours and then sleep for 18, I would cycle like that through summer vacation. I cannot ever remember sleeping the night through the first day of school.

Job Title: Buyer, CarMax Autosuperstores Inc.

Kids: None yet, but I would like to have one in the next three to five years, I have always been afraid of being an old dad.

Living Arrangements: I have a house in Matthews with my live-in girlfriend, best friend, and the sexiest woman alive, lucky for me, Amanda covers all three or I would need a bigger house.

Most Admirable Traits: My ability to empathise, Amanda thinks I am always the devil's advocate but no matter the situation, I can always see it from the other's viewpoint, except for the 47% of functionally retarded individuals in this country that voted for "W", no empathy, what were you thinking? I think my sarcastic wit and charm might also be a trait, but hardly admirable.

Number of Sexual Partners: Good thing no one reads this thing, but my Uncle John taught me a good lesson when I was 15, he said, and I will never forget "never put anything emotional or sexual in writing, it will always be regretful and I have yet to encounter a situation where it has been helpful." Thanks UJ!!!

Overnight Hospital Stays: I have spent many a night it the hospital, but always in the break room or waiting room. I used to go to work with my mom when both she and my dad were working. She would bring us those warm blankets and all the OJ we could drink. Then we would go with my dad when he had an overnight shift at the hospital and stay with him, we would order pizza, assemble a model car, or have wheelchair drag races. I have also spent long nights in waiting rooms. At CMC, when my friend Clint was shot in the head and later pronounced dead, when ReRe was in the hospital, and the latest was when Marlies got sick and they couldn't figure out what was wrong with her.

Phobias: I am most fearful of retirement. I think it is because my grand parents all worked until they died, my mom's generation are all still working and don't look to be slowing down and the same for my dad. I just have this notion that retired people are in God's waiting room, just waiting for Saint Peter to grab the clipboard. This isn't true, but as Darwinist thinker, they are kind of a drain on society. A lot of my self worth comes from working.

Quote: "The best laid plans never get you laid the way you planned."

Religion: United Methodist, I actually joined the church in February 2004. I was raised in a quasi-Catholic home, I went through church school, got my first communion, got confirmed, but was never really bought it. My mom stopped going to church when she got divorced, so I stopped. I began a religion hunt in my junior year of college inspired by my renewed friendship with Ashley. I went to a service every Sunday by myself at all different protestant denominations. I had decided on United Methodist Church about 2 months before I started dating a United Methodist Minister's Grand Daughter. Worked out well huh?

Siblings: Andy, he is my older brother. Like me and the rest of my family, he has issues. We all do our best to cope the way we know how.

Time I Wake Up: It depends, the early side would be for a Manheim Auto Auction trip which I get up about 3:30 am, drive to Greensboro, NC and catch a charter jet at 6:00am, I get home around 7. Most auctions I get up between 4:30-5:30. For work the earliest if 6:00, for a 7-4 shift or 8-5 at South Blvd. The latest I will get up anymore is about 10-10:30 unless I am exhausted.

Unusual Talent or Skill: Girls only like guys who have great skills, like numchuck skills, kick boxing skills. I would say my ability to memorized all the trim levels, engine sizes and unique options on every vehicle made. Also I can tell you if a car is painted by sight or by touch, so blind fold me or tie my hands behind my back, paintwork and bondo, you cannot hide from me!!!!!!!!!

Vegetable I hate most of them, but I guess my favorite is potato(e)s

Worst Habit: Short Term Memory Malfunctions, what did you just say Amanda?

X-Rays: Much like B$%*@ , Regularly at the dentist. I had some when I broke my arm.

Yummy Foods I Make: I make the best grilled cheese in the world. Erin and my mother laid down the foundation for the greatest grilled cheese maker in the world!!!

Zodiac: Pisces, don't even know how to spell it, but I do know we have the hardest time with attention span and monogamy. I have never cheated on any girl to this point in my life, so I doubt I ever will.

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