Monday, February 20, 2006

It Don't Matter To The Sun

Being an avid Grey's Anatomy fan, I watched tonight's episode and all I could think about was the theme of unrequited love. He loves her, but she loves him, who can love no one but the other one. Ugh, I think in this world most hate and bitterness is derived from love marked "return-to-sender." I can only think that Jesus is the only one not-guilty of failing to return love. I wonder how people can walk around, surviving such an obvious rejection of the best you have to offer, your love. I saw a lot of people on Valentines, the ones who had no reason to step foot in Hallmark(who made that "holiday" up anyway) and they were just too bitter for my taste. I thought of people whom I have scorned, who have scorned me. I thought of every war ever fought or lawsuit ever brought and I can bet you, somewhere, down the line, someone had their love sent back. It don't matter to the sun, but it sure does matter to me. I love everyone!!!!!

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