Thursday, February 16, 2006

Everyday isn't meant to be a good one

I suppose yesterday should have been an awesome day, I had a good time at work, a strong meeting with my boss, all that junk. But two droplets of rain spoiled the whole day. I went the the Charlotte 49ers v. Richmond Spiders game (and the 49ers won, awesome!) with my friend from work, Lee Bowles. He is from Richmond, his mom and dad are both alumni from U of R. About 15 minutes into the first half he lets me know that he is going to be leaving CarMax in the very near future, he has accepted a job with Wachovia and will be leaving when he learns of his start date. I understand the reasons, he has been slighted and under appreciated, but damn, all my favorite people always leave and the people I hate always get promoted. It just makes me wonder if I am the type of person that is successful at KMX. Then I get home and check my e-mail and I learn that our senior pastor at our Church, Duke Ison, is leaving to take a position as a director of something or other in Greensboro. The two reasons we joined the church were Veranita Alvord (now a Senior Pastor) in Shelby N.C. and Duke..... I know that is the nature of the Church system and we love our congregation, but it really sucks because I think Duke is always speaking to Amanda and I. This, by the way, is the guy who will marry Amanda and I, whenever I get off my ass and ask her. I guess everyday isn't mean to be a good one! ~JB~

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