Thursday, February 19, 2009

Your cheatin' heart....

today I was mad unfaithful to the diet today, for really the first time.  I am in the middle of week seven so I suppose it is not bad.  I have slipped of the diet but with moderation and good decision making I continued to loose weight.  

Today, I got a buzz from IKEA and ate an entire lunch, meatballs, mash potatoes, I had regular mountain dew also.  Amanda and I had our taxes done today and went to Chick Fil A afterwards because I had to be at a basketball game and we were under the time gun.  I did get the grilled chicken sandwich, the healthy option.  I did not chose the healthier side options, I got fries.  I did however have Diet Dr. Pepper and I did not use dipping sauce, I so suppose there was some restraint.  While Amanda and I discussed money, the economy, etc, I ate three of her chicken strips taking what had been good portion control and throwing it out the window.  

I think I was feeling bad today, about myself, life, all that.  That is why I eat, I was completely incapable of making a solid decision today. I only say this in retrospect, but I just had a bad day.  I bought a lot of stuff at IKEA that we didn't need.  When I am upset, I binge shop.  I will be returning that stuff tomorrow.  Then I ate and ate, like an idiot.  I feel a little better now, mostly on the high of my Niners beating #16 Xavier tonight at a crowded Halton Arena.  I posted this tonight party out of accountability.  If I am going to reach my goals, I need support, I need to be accountable to bad decisions that I make.  I owed you, my supporting public an explanation.  My bad y'all.  Tomorrow, I will be productive, smart, and responsible.  Tomorrow will be a lot of fun.


Dhara said...

It is normal to slip up, so don't feel too bad. Scientific studies show that you can "use up" your willpower on one thing, and then lose control when you need it later. It seems like shopping and yummy food were too much in one day. You can always get back on track tomorrow. Having Chase back home has been a real challenge to my workout schedule. I tell myself, yeah I didn't exercise today, but I spent quality time with my hubby, and I will work out tomorrow.

Dawn said...

Jonathan, great job falling off the wagon, getting ran over but getting up and chasing that wagon down and kicking the door in to get back on! You can do it!