Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sore back, blistered hands, I think I'll come home...

Sore back from shoveling snow and moving in and out of cars all day. Like a chess game, Monday night we moved all of our pawns (cars) into strategic positions, we consolidated the cars so that we would only have to move them twice to plow the entire lot. I wish now we had a huge storage lot or something we could move all the cars to at once and then plow the entire lot. Not the case, so we had to be creative. Anyway, got to drive the plow some more, it was still snowing on my way to work but it let up at about 11. I spent from 8:30 to about 4:30 on the front lot, clearing off snow, moving, directing half-wits on where to put them. We have a few huge mountains of snow that will not be gone until April, actually not true, our land scaper is going to bring a dump truck to pick them up.

Blistered hands not from the cold, they are blistered because my dumb ass slipped down the stairs last night going to do laundry (which I decided at that point to put off until today). I slipped and bounced on my butt down the last few steps. My neighbors heard the thud and checked to make sure I was okay, if I had pride, it would habe been the only thing injured... no pride, no hurts. Just a big bruise on my butt, no I won't show you.

I am coming home this weekend for those who don't know. I will try to make some time for any and everyone. Keep in mind that Amanda DESERVES some attention, so if I don't see you this weekend, I am sorry and I may see you in Pittsburgh later, or in Raleigh in March (Ashley's wedding) or sometime soon. Love you all!!!!!

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