Sunday, February 18, 2007

Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world, she took....

the midnight train going anywhere. You cannot tell me that Journey did not just bring a smile to your face. You just thought of holding hands with your first crush at Eastland Mall's ice skating rink or a roller rink in where ever USA. I just got back from Charlotte tonight, it was a fun visit. Amanda and I got a good chunk of wedding stuff acomplished. We registered at Bed Bath, & Beyond as well as a little bit at Target. We have to go back because the one on Rea Road didn't have squat.

I chose my tux's. We will all be sporting two button, single breasted, notch lapel tux's. I will have all ivory vest, shirt, and tie, the dudes will have black vests and ties. No euro ties, keeping it classic with bowties. Right now we all have patent leather shoes, but I am currently in negotiations with management (Amanda) about getting high top black chucks approved for all groomsman, I will keep you posted!

This was the first trip where I left thinking "I'm going home" and I returned thinking "I'm going home." Odd feeling I must say.

I have not felt like posting lately, sorry, but I am sure I will be remotivated soon.

I am going to Pittsburgh on Wednesday to watch YOUR Charlotte 49ers take on Duquesne. (Not Doo Ques Knee, but Du-Kane, stoopid french.)

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Anonymous said...

I hope you have a fun time in Pitt. Love you, Amanda