Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Okay Dokie, well it is Tuesday Tantrum Time. I have a lot of things to complain about this week, all the shopping, working in retail, and having Amanda and I BOTH come from divorced planning and thus having to appease 4 sets of parental units at the same time. But alas, my inspiration came late in the week. My loved friends Ashley (with boy-toy Chad) and Dhara (with hubby Chase) called me to invite me to a movie.... What I saw was a cinematic atrocity.

KING KONG SUCKS! Worst movie ever, so bad on so many fronts, the internet is only so big. I will first say the casting was good, Jack Black (a self-proclaimed Jon Look-a-like) was good, I love Adrien Brody! Naomi Watts is pretty, but man she only has one look, as Ash pointed out that it is with empty eyes and a quivering lip. Those sideways compliments were the best of show folks. This graphics in this film looked like the same kind of special effects that could have been attained in Wayne & Garth's basement. Extreme Blue Screen.... WOAAAA! The movie jurassic park, made nearly 13 years ago had superior production quality and special effects with much more antiquated techniques than what is available today. The third complaint it simply length, CAN I HAVE THAT 3 HOURS OF MY LIFE BACK???? No, I have been robbed. I strongly feel that the person responsibility it was to edit the film has two options in life. 1. Get a sharp pair of scissors so he/she may actually cut some film up, or 2. Find a career as a long winded politician, maybe start a war that will last too long and the country will feel the same way movie goers felts. Angry, Tired, Frustrated, Bewildered, and all with less money in their politics.

(As this TTT continues every week, you will note I can blame ANYTHING on "W")

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