Sunday, January 03, 2010

I might as well start this year off with a post. I would like to be better at this, but right now the blog is very low on the priority list. I just post once a month to keep my account active so I don't loose the archives. I enjoy looking back and reading when I really thought I had something to say.

Some things going on with us this year:

Amanda is looking for a career change still, and I am not above it either.

I start school... I'd like to be done in two years so I will have to take two classes in both spring and fall, and take a class each summer session. I may skip one and move it to the spring of 2012... that is when I expect to graduate.

We are not sure about vacations... we would like to go to Chicago, catch up with friends, see a few Cubs games, maybe to Atlanta for the opening series. I know we want to go somewhere, but it all depends on jobs, school, and of course, moooolah.

Other than that, we are hoping to hold on, just like everyone else.

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