Tuesday, October 13, 2009

dear Charlotte drivers

Dear Charlotte Drivers,

I respectfully suggest a few small things that may make highway travel safer and more enjoyable.
1. If there is a HOV lane to the left hand side, that is not the fast lane and you are in fact IN the fast lane yourself, drive accordingly please.
2. If you look to the right and no one is there, that is where your car belongs. One should use the left hand lane for overtaking only, then merge right.
3. If someone is behind you and flashes their high beams, they are not asking you to hit the brakes, they are asking that you move over, please oblige.

Love, Jon

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Anonymous said...

Note to all gray haired drivers:

1 Driving in the left lane under the speed limit
is a safety hazard. Try the right lane!!!

2 Switch off your turn signal Uncle.