Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The cost of Grad School

I have a little break in my first semester of B-school while the pre-req course covers economics. I was at least able to get those done as an undergrad. I thought this would be a great time to reflect on my firs three weeks and figure out what I need to do or change going forward.

I have learned the true cost of this venture. Not only financial, that burden isn't too tough to bear thanks to my fortunate position of being gainfully employed. I also have some reimbursement coming later from the company, so I am hooked up there. I am more referencing the other costs, the kind you cannot add on my TI-83.

I was participating in three different sports leagues, that has whittled down to one, just softball. Even in that one, there is a reluctance to go because of the homework load I bear. I have not been able to hang out with family and friends. Though only two evenings, it presses everything I would have done into the the other 3 weeknights, this really limits time with others. The worst parts have been not being able to go to my family immediately after hearing of my grandmother's death... I went to class first. Add to that I am not really active in my MINI club, front porch sitting in the neighborhood is a rare occurrence, and worst of all I have gone days without seeing Amanda.

But.... ON THE BRIGHT SIDE... I am learning a lot. I am willing to pay all the cost if it means I will be equipped to lead and develop business in the future. The hope is I can make a small investment in misery now so that I can withdraw an enormous amount of quality of life later. I hope it all pays off.

Moving on to what I need to do going forward, simple, don't loose focus. I have set up a good rhythm to being a student and I need not skimp on effort. Unlike previous academic endeavors, this one is less about the piece of paper and more about learning. I need to make sure that I leave able to do a fantastic job, so I can land a fantastic job, and help my family lead a fantastic life. That is the great hope of it all for me.

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