Monday, December 03, 2007

White Trash in Review

The white trash birthday party was a blast... thank you Rebecca for aging and allowing us to come.

The day started unlike any other, well, with snow, a good two inches of snow. We forgot to take pictures but when Jenni e-mails me some, I promise to post them. We headed off in the Mini Cooper off-road edition to plow through the snow. First stop, Salvation Army. There we picked through some very nice clothes to get into the white trash mood. One difference we noted was that we could not find ANY nascar shirts... wow!

Selecting the wardrobe was tough, first me. I still have my BDU pants from when I was in AFROTC in college. They are so comfy and I hadn't worn them in a while, I was going to rock those out. I had to make sure that my top communicated the trashiness of my being white. I selected a lovely, ashe gray "You don't know me: witness protection program." Complete with stains in the armpits, dingy stains on the front, and I customized it with holes and rips added. Classy! You can take the boy from North Carolina, you caint take the North Carolina out of the boy.

Amanda's wardrobe had no foundation, we could start anywhere. I was leaning towards the moo moo & hair curlers look for my bride. We found in the racks of clothes, a sweet puffy paint splattered t-shirt. With this shirt, we had to find something to wear. Trying in vein to find some acid wash jeans to rock out with the puffy paint shirt, we chose some white windsuit pants with a pink stripe. Amanda spiffed up the look with a drastic overuse of eye shadow and dark lipstick. She looked like she could have won Miss Turn Four at Lowes Motor Speedway.

We decided to change at the party, not to dare the train ride in our White Trash Wear. As we went to Lincoln Park and walked up the stairs of a gorgeous 3-flat, opened the door to a notebook paper sign indicating the way. The garland of beer cans snaking up the stairs led us to a porn covered door. Walking in to a pregnant prom queen birthday girl and mom in curlers made me miss NC just a little bit. It was a lot of fun, people were in various levels of hillbilly wear from hunting gear, nascar shirts, one guy had a NC State shirt and thought that made him a hillbilly. I informed him that rednecks and white trash are usually tarheel fans (I love you David!). We played drinking games and enjoyed PBR on tap. We had a great time, we changed back, made the train home, and worked today. Ye Haw Y'all.

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