Friday, March 02, 2007

Wait Wait...... Don't Tell Me its my birthday again

I went to the recording of National Public Radio's "Wait Wait..... Don't Tell Me" tonight to celebrate my birthday. Jenni and I enjoyed the humor of Peter Sagal and Amanda's dream date for her mom, Mr. Carl Kasell. I have a picture of myself shaking hands with my buddy Carl after the recording(I will hopefully figure out how to get it off my phone). He is from Goldsboro NC, I was not aware of that. Paula Poundstone, Roy Blount Jr, and Roxanne Roberts were the panelist and white house press secretary Tony Snow was the "not my job" guest. As you can imagine, he took a shot or two from the host and panel, but he was a good sport about the whole thing. He did not win the prize. This week's episode will be broadcast in:

Chicago-91.5 Saturday 10am and 9pm
Charlotte-90.7 Sunday 11am
Pittsburgh-90.5 Saturday 1pm


Re said...

I do miss you and will miss having our "usual sing a-long!" for ya!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jon

xo-beth, keith, hanna, and jim

Barb said...

i'm SO jealous!!! I LOVE that show!!! What a neat thing to do for your birthday! We love you and we miss you!
Aunt Barb & Uncle Rege

Allison said...

Happy b-day, Jon.

Donnie and Lisa said...

hey! only a week late, but happy birthday!
love ya!